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Over 12 Years Serving You 

About St Clair MRI Centre
Located in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Clair MRI is an advanced MRI Centre dedicated to providing superior and quality MRI scans.

With over a decade in existence, St.Clair MRI has been the number one centre  for doctors and hospitais throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

We provide excellence by:

  • Using only Advanced MRI technolgy in the the GE SIGNA 1.5HDxt imaging equipment.
  • Partnering with international board-certified  radiologists for accurate results.
  • Using highly skilled MRI technicians.
  • Providing a friendly ,courteous and comfotable environment.
  • Producing MRI results within 24 Hours





Our Specialist Team





Our partnership with Innovative Radiologists abroad allows us to provide a superior customised service.
Using Picture Archiving Communication Sysyem (PACS), your MRI scans are sent overseas via the internet using our custom built web platform, to internationally recognised board-certified radiologists for faster medical diagnosis and turnaround.